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9th December 2009, 18:47
I have been trying to find some background info on the kata Tenryu no Kon. i have very little on, except that its a tomari region, and a few basics points does anyone have or know where i can get further info on this kata?
mostly the origins of it?


15th December 2009, 02:01
I think this is a somewhat forgotten kata because it appears so simple. I like it though because the blocking manouver and the tsuki can be paired for an effective drill. I don't know a lot about the form, but I've heard it was Funakoshi's favorite and since his father was a bojutsuka maybe there's a lineage somewhere in that history. There are a few youtube vids of the form, but not many. There was also an Australian sensei that published a Shotokan-influenced e-text to the kata a few years ago. If you're interested PM me and I'll try to dig up his contact info.

15th December 2009, 15:01
Yep thats about all i found on the kata too, beside sensei funakoshi teaching this to a few of his students.
i learned this kata about 10 yrs ago or so, i almost forgot about it until recently, and i decided that i would teaching it next month to a group of beginners, i thought this would be a good kata to start them off with since its nice and short as well as simple,
i like to give some background of the kata i teach and unfortunate there is little on this one.

thanks for your help.

14th January 2010, 18:50
I got to do this form at Hanshi George Alexander's ISKKF summer camp last year. It was taught by Sensei Rudy Crosswell. Both of them sell DVD's of the form, done by Sensei Crosswell.

11th February 2010, 13:45
Hello like most kata there are several different versions of the same kata. they all mostly follow the same patteren. Here is a link to the version that we parctice.

19th April 2010, 17:37
Thanks Ron, I do know the kata, and was teaching it at a seminar, i like to have background info and explain the history of the kata as well, if i can. this particular kata i only able to find very little