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22nd January 2010, 18:34

I recently joined E-budo and have enjoyed reading through many of the forums.

I have had an interest for a while in training in ninpo/ninjutsu. Unfortunately, I have never lived near a dojo to do so.

I will be moving to the Raleigh/Durham, NC area in a few months. More specifically, I will live in the Morrisville/Cary/Apex suburbs area. I know that Bujinkan, Genbukan, and Quest Centers are in the area.

At this point, I am interested to know if anyone knows anything about the Niji no Hashi Dojo (Genbukan - Sensei Rodriguez). It is only 10 minutes from where we will live and it would be very convenient. Any other recommendations would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

J. Chad Johnson

16th March 2011, 00:09
My son and I study at Niji no Hashi Dojo under Sensei Rodrigeuz and we are having a great time. We have attended for about 5 months now. Sensei is thoughtful and works hard to train each person appropriately for their skill level. The class period we attend typically has folks from several Kyu's and there is a fair amount of student to student training with Sensei advising.

Sensei clearly loves teaching and wants his students to learn the subject well.

Classes always start on time and end on time. The facilities are more than adequate for the class size.

This is our first time with any martial art so I don't have any reference for comparison.

Brian Purvis

26th April 2014, 11:43
My son and I have attended this dojo for a while now and we enjoy it. Sensei watches out for us "old guys" (I'm fifty-something) so we don't break something!