View Full Version : Asahoryu's retirement

5th February 2010, 22:26
Just saw this article in today's Japan Times:


This might not come as a surprise to those of you who follow the sport, as it seems that this has been building for quite some time.

Andrew S
6th February 2010, 06:33
I'm curious as to what the Sumo Association will do now.
Asa hasn't taken out Japanese citizenship, which I believe is required to be an elder or stablemaster.
Also, his record puts him in the ranks of those who were awarded one-generation toshiyori meiseki (Takanohana was awarded one with a record of 22 victories; Asashoryu has a record of 25).
Rumour is that he will return to Mongolia to continue business and maybe persue a career in politics.
Pity that he couldn't control himself better - sumo has been hurt, and has lost a star.