View Full Version : Aikijujutsu in Hawai'i?

Kent Taylor
18th February 2001, 09:18
I am looking for anyone on the Hawaiian islands of Molokai, Maui or Oahu who trains in aiki jujutsu that would like to practice with me. Are there any aiki jujutsu dojos on these islands?

Joseph Svinth
18th February 2001, 10:17
On Maui, you might ask your question of Mr. Shinichi Suzuki, a retired police captain who started aikido with Mr. Tohei around 1953. You can find more about him at this website: http://www.maui.net/~cdc/kokyu/Suzuki.html . The Wailuku Aikido Club is a Maui County Parks and Rec club, so I'd guess it has a real nice facility.

There also may be a Roppokai study group in the area. The contact address in Japan is listed at http://www.daitoryu-roppokai.org/contact.htm

Nathan Scott
26th February 2001, 22:26

A couple of other places to ask around might be the Honolulu Aikikwai (pretty famous Aikido dojo) and the Danzan ryu Jujutsu headquarters on the big island (Hilo, I think).

I didn't have much luck contacting the Aikikwai; they couldn't be bothered with returning my email when I was in the area.

But you never know. They might be know of someone since they are there locally.

Also, if you have access to him, Wayne Muromoto of Furyu magazine would likely know everyone since he lives there.

Good luck,