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6th March 2010, 21:54
Dr. Gordon Warner passed away in Okinawa at the age of 97. He is survived by his wife son and daughter.


6th March 2010, 23:41
Incredible personal history, a true warrior in action and spirit.

P. Hval
9th March 2010, 07:03
A giant of a man...physically in those days in Japan, and spiritually great; a pioneer who changed hearts and (mis)perceptions, and opened doors for non-Japanese MA people to enter. Thank you, Warner Sensei.

28th April 2010, 21:17
Rest in Peace. Thank you for breaking the trail.

28th May 2010, 16:56
He sounds like a man of iron will. I'm shamed that me, a student of history, had not heard of him until I saw this topic.

My deepest respect for this great man and warrior, now departed to rejoin the Source of all life. <bow>

29th May 2010, 03:56
His book with Donn Draeger is essential. http://www.amazon.com/Japanese-Swordsmanship-Technique-Donn-Draeger/dp/0834802368/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275101572&sr=8-3 Great link to the biography, thank you for bringing this to the forum. Such an excellent memorial thread: those giants whose shoulders we don't stand upon; we are supported entirely.

7th July 2010, 01:58
I met him several times when I was stationed in Okinawa. He used to give lectures on Budo in the Kadena Air Base library. His notes are a treasure trove of history and facts. Note he also wrote a book on the Battle of Okinawa and the reversion of Okinawa from US possession to a prefecture in Japan. He will be missed.

Mike Callender