View Full Version : Hand-Made Kobudo Weapons Maker?

24th March 2010, 01:04
I am looking for a specific maker of hand-made kobudo weapons, but I forgot both his name and the name of his company.

I'm pretty sure that it was not "Crane Mountain" or "Weapons Connection", because the website I'm looking for had a "hand-carved arch" design on the top of it, with the company's name in the middle of the arch.

If any of you have any idea who this man is, I would sincerely appreciate your posting a link to him or his website.

And, if you happen to BE the man who made my weapons, and you remember making me the following around 2 years ago:
1 - 28" octagonal san-setsu-kon;
2 - 6' octagonal bos; and
1 - set of round, "handled" and "pointed" nitanbo,
then I would certainly appreciate it if you would get back in touch with me ASAP, as I desire you to make a pair of tuifa for my son.

Thanks for ANY help in this matter!

Please contact me directly at FederalPrisonCop@Yahoo.com

Stephen W.

28th March 2010, 21:17
Thanks for all your private responses. I "found" him. He is "Sensei Roger Pratt" of "FightingWeaponry.com".

If anyone can now put me in contact with either him or his CURRENT website, I would certainly be grateful.

S. Wyatt

24th January 2011, 04:08
Oh my goodness. I was just want to tell you and you got the name. Anyways best of luck.:)