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8th April 2010, 02:34
Hi! I am new in this forum. I glad i find a good place to read and discuss about martial arts!!

I may ask if someone have links of Videos of this Kobudo Style (does not matter if the videos are Bunkai, Katas, Seminars, etc.).

I practice over 6 years Karate (Shorin Ryu Style) and a shorter time Kobudo. I have an exam this saturday :D I hope I remember the Katas correctly and the proper meaning of the techniques.

I and my Sensei wanted to start to practice Shiai Bo, but I did not find any rules of tournaments. I think the rules should be more like the Kendo or fencing (a rectangular Tatami instead of the square one).
I hope someone could help us, all the help will we really appriciated!

Sorry for my english, i write from Argentina >D

Many thanks to all, regards


8th April 2010, 02:38
I have visited this page: http://www.kobudo.sk I think they make Shiai Kumite, but the language does not help me to learn the rules. I read it in german and they say nothing about the measures of the Tatami or if the defender can only attack when the attacker stopped the attacks..

19th April 2010, 08:51
Hello Frank,

the page about bo-shiai you send her belongs to Jozef Obuch a student of my teacher. He is really good in fighting bo-shiai, and very experienced in it. This I had written on the fighting arts forum:

we do staff sparring and sparrings competions a lot in germany. We have decided to go the way over a padded weapon. Sorry at the moment i ve just a slovak description how to build a safty bo. http://www.kobudo.sk/boshiai.html# and then press Výroba zbrane na bo shiai.
My teacher has a long experience with staff sparring, he first did it in an kendo bugo and real staff that had been some where in the 80's. Then he had gone the way and has a real stuff and put it into a pipe isnsulation. That had the disadvantage that it had been to big, but we could fight without protetive clothes. The next step had been to use an alumin pipe in an pipe insulation. That kind of safty bo had been thinner and much faster, but wiht this type the injuris got much more. So we change it to a PVC-pipe inside. With this we got much less injuries but this safty could break, but better to break the safty bo as to break a bone.
Here are some of the fights:


The padded weapons are very esential for use, cause you get an important amount of safty in the fight. The next important point is to have a good refeere/teacher that controls the fight, and reduces the speed in the fighting if it got to uncontrolled. That is often the case if the people dont have any experience in fighting.

A little bit about the rule:
Hitting area: the whole body except the face and the genitals
Techniques: Trusting/Tsukis to the face a strickly forbidden, directly disqualification if that happends
Straight Strikes (Jodan Uchi) to the head have to be done with out any contact to the head. Strikes from the side (yoko uchi) are not allowed.
If you got good fighters you could also allow throwing, locking etc in the fight, but that works only with experienced fighters, otherwise the fight runs in chaos.
Fighting time 2 min + 1 min if the points are not enough.
You have to achive 8 points, with two points more then the opponent.
Points given could be from 1-3 following to the significane to the hitting area. A clean technik to the head or a good tsuki into the stomake would give 3 points. A good hit to the arm or leg just one point.

I hope that could help you a little, and dont forget, safty 1st.