View Full Version : Harlingen TX?

Lane Haygood
19th April 2010, 00:47
Are there any sword arts' study groups around the Harlingen TX/Brownsville TX area?

19th April 2010, 16:45
Closest I'm aware of is Laredo. Anyone else?

Lane Haygood
20th April 2010, 00:26
If that's the kendo dojo in Laredo, I just checked their times and it's a bit too much of a drive home after practice on Sunday nights, unfortunately.

Well, nuts. Hopefully I'll be moving back to a more urban area in a year or so.

21st April 2010, 21:12
You might try a post over on Kendo World, lots of Texas kendo and iaido people there that may be able to point you in the right direction. But near as I can tell from the map, you're a long ways from anything.

Lane Haygood
23rd April 2010, 05:16
I pick out of the way places to live and work, what can I say?

23rd April 2010, 13:41
I'm originally from around that area (McAllen) and I seriously doubt you will find any sword arts or any koryu. The closest will probably be San Antonio or maybe Corpus Christi, but both are a bit of a drive.

That's why I don't live there anymore :)

30th August 2014, 20:41
The closest one you'll find is in McAllen and Mission - Miyake Shukokai International dojos http://www.miyake-shukokai.com in both cities offer Karate, Aiki-jujitsu, and Iaido training. I've been a student of Shihan Miyake for over 9 years and have learned a lot at both of his locations. His Iaido classes are small since not too many people in the RGV know of or are interested in sword arts as much as other martial arts, at least from what I've seen. Good luck finding a dojo to train in.