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20th April 2010, 01:15
A new DVD has just been released: Okinawan Kobudo - Fukyu no Kata with Anthony Marquez Sr.


Anthony Marquez Sr., Kyoshi and 7th Dan, teaches the Okinawan staff form, Fukyu no Kata, learned from Kanei Katsuyoshi, Hanshi and 8th Dan. The DVD provides a comprehensive education in Fukyu no Kata, including solo training drills, step-by-step details and tutorial instructions, and archived footage of training with Hanshi Kanei at the Jinbukan Hombu Dojo. Hanshi Kanei emphasized this kata in particular for developing a strong foundation in the Ryukyu Bo. Over the course of a 14-year stay in Okinawa and Japan, Kyoshi Marquez was taught this kata directly by Hanshi Kanei while a senior student in the Okinawan Hombu and then later the U.S. Representative for the Jinbukan.

There are also preview clips of the DVD on YouTube:


I hope you enjoy it!


Jarret Cooper

20th April 2010, 19:45
Dear Mr. Cooper,

thank you for the post.

I introduce you, that is also a book about the "Fukyu no Kon" is available.


The language of the book is German & English

The autor is Jamal Measara - German Shibo-cho of the International Okinawa Kobudo Kyokai.

Kindest Regards
Michael Steffens