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Ellis Amdur
3rd May 2010, 20:05
Koryu seems to be such a specific word – martial arts of Japan that were created before the inception of the Meiji period. As all our readers know, among the koryu are a number of disciplines, encompassing varying studies from the use of the sword to swimming in armor.
Another way that koryu should be viewed is quality. Far too many groups are “koryu clubs” - hobby-groups for groups of people seeking to add a little enjoyment and discipline in their lives. We see nothing wrong with that – at the same time, however, we admire most those who strive to practice with the rigor and integrity of our ancestors, who lived and breathed these martial arts. That is why the two of us want to take the opportunity to bring to peoples' awareness, a truly wonderful teacher, Seiko Mabuchi, a student of Tendo-ryu naginatajutsu for nearly forty years. Tendo-ryu, of which Meik is a practitioner and Ellis holds in considerable respect, is a ryu with one of the most sophisticated compendia of naginata techniques. In addition to naginata, it has techniques for kusarigama, nitto (two swords), tanto, kaiken and jo (representing a naginata that is broken in the midst of combat).
Ms. Mabuchi’s dojo is in the Yokohama area, and we urge anyone with a desire to learn a naginata-centered koryu with a truly old-school teacher to seize this opportunity. Contact information (http://www6.plala.or.jp/tendoryu/index2.html)

Meik Skoss and Ellis Amdur

k clark
20th July 2012, 02:07
I'm reactivating this thread in the hope of attracting more students to this dojo, which is located in Tsurumi Ku, Yokohama.

Those of you with time on Sunday from 3.00pm until 6.00pm, do not miss this opportunity.

K Clark

k clark
29th June 2013, 22:29
The website for Mabuchi-sensei's dojo is: