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22nd May 2010, 04:45
Years ago I purchased a pair of sai that were marked " Tokyo Tokaido" on the blade. I gave them to my Sensei about 17 years ago. Recently I have been looking for another pair. I know that Tokaido stopped making Kobudo weapons years ago, but I guess they are not quite "antiques" yet. Does anyone know where I may be able to find more of these weapons? Also I have found and purchased several pairs of used sai on ebay that are stamped with "Tokido". My Sensei says they are authentic despite the spelling. The spelling is different than the modern spelling. Are they authentic "Tokaido"sai or old knockoffs. The balance and craftsmanship is superior by far to the new "production" sai I have worked with. Does anyone know anything about these weapons?

25th May 2010, 20:01
Sorry I can't help but I picked up a really nice pair of Shureido sai in Okinawa that you might like. Check those out.

14th August 2013, 02:40
Sorry for the necropost but I can help.

Tokaido Ltd. and Tokidu (yes that is the correct spelling) are two very different things.

Tokaido weapons were very high quality. The example here are solid stainless steel.



Tokidu were made in Japan and imported by companies like Asian World of Martial Arts during the late 70s and early 80s. Here is a scan from 1977 for AWMA promoting the Tokidu brand.


While Tokidu weapons were of decent quality they were nothing compared to Tokaido or Shureido but they also didn't cost as much. And Tokidu stuff is superior than the China crap that is available today.

Here is a pair of Tokidu Presentation Grades (engraved dragons) from about 1982.




They were marked on the grips and where the wings meet the handle.