View Full Version : Early Reference to Ninjutsu in 1653 Jiyoshu

Robert G
25th June 2010, 17:28

I purchased a 12 volume book set called Gunpou Jiyou shuu (軍法侍用集).

An interesting 12 volume book set written in 1653 by Ogasawara Sakuun who collected practical warfare information.

Book 1 - Questions and & answers among brave heroes
Books 2-4 - Preparation to battles and also how shinobi are important
Book 5 - Weapon and tool collection
Books 6-8 - Shinobi and Ninja
Books 9-10 - Layout and direction article (how to use space in the battle).
Book 11 - Secret of using space to layout
Book 12 - About "ki" (qi)

Looks to have pre-dated the Basenshukai (1676) Shoninki (1681) and written in the same year as the Ninpiden (1653)

Anyone have any additional information?

thank you kindly,


George Kohler
28th June 2010, 22:40
Ogasawara Sakuun (小笠原昨雲) is also known as Ogasawara Shōzō

He wrote these books:
1617 Bushidō kōsha sho (also known as Tōryū gunkōsha sho)
1658 Shoka hyōjō