View Full Version : Can Anyone Identify This Stamp

26th July 2010, 00:58
Dear E-Budo folks,

My wife brought this stamp home from a bellydance seminar a few months back. I just wondered what it might say...it seems familiar.

Thank You.

Duke Meade
29th July 2010, 16:25
Hello Smith San,

Can not see it in detail but it might be 幅 Fuku -hanging scroll, picture;width;counter for scrolls.Or, Haba-width, breadth, range; difference (in price);power, influence.

The left side or kimben that is written on the character above is the dominate radical for this stamp, radical no.50 巾 Haba, It's nick name is Cloth.It has 9 strokes on the rightside.

I remember this character from wearing an 帯 Obi. Another character that shares the same radical is, 師 Shi, master, exemplary person, army;war
師父 Shifu , Fatherly Master.

Hope this was helpful.


Duke Meade