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1st August 2010, 19:29
Spent an action packed week in Okinawa. Scuba diving was fantastic. Took a battlefield tour with Chris Majewski that was absolutley unbelievable. Had great Okinawan food, saw the sites and experienced a little of the culture. Even got to train a little with my sensei.
If you're thinking of going I would suggest the book "Okinawa Explorer" as an invaluable guide. Google the name and you will find the site.
Seriously jealous of those of you who get to live there.


8th August 2010, 17:12
Another good resource for information about Okinawa
One in a series of videos.

11th May 2015, 09:56
Thanks Duane,

I'm jealous you had the time to go there, but I only want to be there for a week or so.