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30th August 2010, 15:20
Dear friends,

I am sorry to inform you that Sugano Shihan passed away this weekend.

Rest in peace sensei.

This is a sort bio on the inneraikido website.

Seiichi Sugano (1939, born in Japan) started to study the Art of A´kido at the age of 18. He soon began a life as an apprentice of the Founder of A´kido Ueshiba Morihei.

He has now reached the 8th degree (Dan) and title of Shihan (Master of Master) from Ueshiba International A´kido Foundation in Japan. During his study and teaching of A´kido in Japan he studied Zen in a Zen Temple.

In 1965 he moved to Australia and established the national A´kido Association, he is still the Chairman of this Association today. He studied Acupuncture and is certified Acupuncturist. He followed the Chinese Zen Master and was initiated as Zen Monk under the name of EKAI. He lived also in a Tibetan Monastery in Himalaya. After 13 years, he moved to Belgium and taught A´kido in Europe where he is still followed by many students.

In 1988, he moved to New York, where while teaching A´kido he studied fencing intensively and attended many USA National Championship and NAC Competitions. He still lives in New York today and he is member of the Superior Council of the International A´kido Federation. He teaches A´kido internationally.

Chris de Jongh
Groningen the Netherlands

Rei Ho
9th September 2010, 03:38
I am very sad to hear this. I saw a video of him years ago and I have heard of him many times. Such great Masters and such little time. I pray for a brighter tomorrow for Martial Artist. He was a true Artist of his craft.

Tray Crocker:smilejapa