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Johnny Yuma
22nd September 2010, 19:57
I saw this today and was wondering if anyone has heard of this being attempted by Japanese sword producers?

I did think it was a pretty neat idea, though...



Joseph Svinth
23rd September 2010, 01:28
Metoric iron is often used to make Indonesian weapons.

The big nickel deposits in Ontario are meteoric.

But, for the most part, FE is FE. It's what you mix with it that makes it special or not.

23rd September 2010, 09:02
Gil, there were a number of Nihonto made using meteoritic iron over the past few hundred years, & I've been working on writing a paper for about a year. I'm still collecting info & examples, & will gladly post it for anyone who's interested once I'm done...probably in another year. And I'll gladly use any info that the forum forwards to me!

Johnny Yuma
23rd September 2010, 19:51
I would love to see some examples of some blades that have some meteoric content. Very cool, indeed.

24th September 2010, 17:29
Jim Hrisoulas has a very informative article about meteoric iron and swords here ... Meteoric iron forging (http://atar.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=68&Itemid=72)

Johnny Yuma
24th September 2010, 21:14
Great pics, thanks, Paul!

8th October 2010, 10:17
Hi all,
one guy posted some pictures of swords from Meteoric iron on discussion in czech sword forum...

Here are the links to his pictures:




Here is a link to the forum thread: