View Full Version : A website with photos of preserved gunto

27th November 2010, 14:15
..and older katanas. Its a commercial website focusing on the judgement of value and sale of military antiques including swords.

Military Items (http://www.quanonline.com/military/military_reference/japanese/samurai_swords.html)

I havent read through the whole section yet so I cant comment on the written stuff, but the swords seem real enough with great high res photos.

28th November 2010, 06:27
The famous web about gunto -
Ohmuras pages here is a link http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~t-ohmura/gunto_002.htm

There are informations about:
types of gunto, more photos with details, versions of each type of gunto, details about blades, koshirae, describing arsenal stamps of army manufactures, informations in nakago, informations about chinese fakes of gunto etc.....the total number of pages 214 with informations about gunto.