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29th December 2010, 05:56
I post to enquire if the Gyofukan Dojo in Idaho remains closed; and if it is, whether Mr.Abry, the instructor - who google tells me is currently in Japan for training - will be returning and resuming teaching there.

I'd be much obliged if anyone in the know, or indeed, Mr.Abry himself can clarify the matter.

Many thanks in advance.

30th December 2010, 02:53
Tony is still here in Japan, and as far as I know not planning on leaving soon... But I'm sure he'll be here to confirm what's happening about the Gyofukan soon enough...

There is a very good group in Vancouver under Alex Kask Sensei as well, you might want to look at them for training as well?



30th December 2010, 03:55
Thank you for the clarification Mr.Sharples.

I'll get in touch with the Vancouver dojo soon.

30th December 2010, 14:56
Sorry for intruding into the jujutsu thread. But if your interested in sword work and in the Boise area. Pm me and I can give you contack info for Kendo and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido in Boise area. Just another idea if your going to be in Boise/ Treasure Valley area long.

31st December 2010, 04:32
Thank you Mr.Collier.

While sword arts do interest me, I'm also seeking instruction in the grappling arts.

I, however, shall get in touch with you if the Takenouchi option is a no go.

10th January 2011, 19:45
Hi Steve,

As Ben rightly stated, I am currently staying in Japan for the foreseeable future. Hence Gyofukan in Idaho will remain closed.

Good luck in your search.

Anthony Abry

12th January 2011, 03:51
Thanks for the clarification Mr.Abry.
Best Regards.

11th April 2016, 20:58
Gyofukan Dojo of Bitchuden Takenouchi-ryu has a new official practice location:

10522 Late City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125

We have a shared space with MuayThai Iyarin - so if you see a bunch of Muay Thai info - you are at the right spot.

If it is your first time with us, please get in touch beforehand.

You can reach me at

abry at gyofukan.com

I have a very limited website as well, www.gyofukan.com