View Full Version : In Memory of Iwata Norikazu sensei, who died this morning.

1st January 2011, 15:26
It is with regret that I have to pass on the news of my sensei's passing, Iwata Norikazu, holder of two menkyo kaiden, and hachidan hanshi, ZNKR, a leading practitioner of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, who died earlier this morning, aged 97.
My condolences go to his family, students and friends, as he will be greatly missed.

For those lucky enough to practise with him and benefit from his huge breadth of knowledge, and for those unlucky people who missed out, here are a couple of clips in remembrance. Feel free to add more clips of him as you find them.




1st January 2011, 16:44
Rest in Peace Iwata Sensei!
I had the opportunity to train with him and he was a wonderful teacher and man. I learned alot from the seminar I attended and I know that he was a inspiration and source of great joy to his students!!!! I wish all of his students and family the best in dealing with his passing. As long as we remember him in our hearts and minds, he will live on forever. Again you will be missed greatly!!!

また、狼より/ Jeff

Josh Reyer
1st January 2011, 20:37
My condolences to you, Tim, on the loss of your teacher. 97 years is a heck of a run. One thing that impressed me in the clips of Iwata-sensei that I watched was how good his iai was after he'd had a stroke! ご冥福をお祈りします。

2nd January 2011, 10:05
Ah, sorry to hear of his passing. I thought if anyone could live forever, it would be him!

I only trained under him once (and he was massively underwhelmed with one of my Eishin waza hehe) but he was nothing short of inspirational - both as an iaidoka and a teacher.

A sad loss to the JSA world.

3rd January 2011, 16:38
May he Rest In Peace.

4th January 2011, 20:48
My condolences also. Iwata Sensei has returned to the Source of all.

14th January 2011, 15:24
Condolences from Yugenkan Dojo. We have a picture of Iwata Sensei hanging on the wall, and although I never had the chance to train with him, his writings have always been an inspiration to me.

27th January 2011, 15:31
Thank You for sharing this precious moment. May he rest in peace and serve our master in the sky. Domo Arigato
Sensei Dan