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2nd January 2011, 19:51
Hi Guys,

This is my first post on E-Budo after reading the forum for a while.

I need help with the translation of the Men (signature) on this Shingunto sword a relative captured from a Naval Officer during WWII.

Any help would be much appreciated.


5th January 2011, 01:23
umm, that would be 'mei'. Looks like a good signature. Sorry, can't help, but you might look here (http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/nihonto.htm) or ask here (http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/nihonto.htm). Good luck.


Gene McGloin
5th January 2011, 03:53
You might also want to peruse the discussions at this link and post your request in the appropriate forum(s): http://www.swordforum.com/

Duke Meade
5th January 2011, 12:13
Hi Tommy San,

Going from the top down, first, oka-hill, sumi-place,hoshi-star,ya-valley, gi-obligation, chou-leader.

Okazumi Hoshiya -Gichou, The Gichou would have read something like Sergent . Therefore Sergent Okazumi .

There may be more to it , but that is the basic translation.


Duke Meade

31st January 2011, 23:39

The mei reads "Seki-jyu Hoshiya (possibly Hoshiyani?) Yoshinaga." This sword was made by Yoshinaga Hoshiya living in Seki city, most likely during the WWII era.

I couldn't find anything more about this smith on Yahoo.co.jp. Sorry.


25th March 2011, 09:09
Thanks very much guys.