View Full Version : Pammachon: Martial Art of the West

Michael Becker
2nd January 2011, 21:39
Please enjoy and also pass on the word. I had the great pleasure of reading through the drafts and offering some small pointers. It is, I feel, an excellent book. Having had the opportunity to try some of the techniques shown, I can also vouch for their effectiveness. Anyone looking for interesting observations on the esoteric will not be left wanting either.

I did in fact advise Kostas to charge for the book but he was insistent on offering the e-book version free. People can read this and then decide if they want to get a hard copy or not. Kostas simply wanted to get the information out in the public domain (he remains busy with a proper full time professional career).

Anyway, enjoy the book.


Michael Becker
2nd January 2011, 21:48
I forgot to mention. Anyone interested in further information can look at the author's website and blog: