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27th February 2001, 04:25
A few months ago I moved to Japan. I have always been interested in Shorinji Kempo but I never had the opportunity to take it back home. As a result, I recently joined a Shorinji Kempo dojo in Japan.

Due to my interest in Shorinji Kempo and my inability to speak Japanese, I would like to find a copy of "Shorinji Kempo" by Doshin So (any edition). I have searched several online bookstores for this book but none of them sell it. Therefore, I was wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

Thank you for your help.

Anders Pettersson
27th February 2001, 08:41
Hi Bret and welcome to e-budo.

Good to hear that you found a Shorinji Kempo dojo.

As for books I wouldn't recommend that old book. It was quite a while since I read it, (I have photocopies of most of it) but it has quite a few mistakes in it concerning explanation of techniques.

I would recommend you to buy the English Fukudoku-hon and also maybe the new books (1 goho & 2 juho) recently published by the "Baseball magazin".

I only have the first book (goho) myself and that is called "Shorinji Kempo Goho Profound study with serial pictures" (have recently ordered the other two).

There is romaji for all the technique names so it is quite understandable even if one don't read Japanese.

27th February 2001, 22:40

Thank you for the reply. I will stop my search for the "Shorinji Kempo" book. I will buy the English Fukudoku-hon instead.

I am also interested in the new books (1 goho & 2 juho; published by the "Baseball magazin") that you mentioned. Where did you order those books? If you could pass on that information, I would appreciate it.

You also said that the names of the techniques are written in romaji in these books. Does that mean that the books are written in Japanese? Or, are they written in English with Japanese names for the techniques?

Once again, thanks for the help. And thank you for the welcome to e-budo.

Laurent ESPESO
28th February 2001, 10:14
Hi all,

I'm new in this forum...

I would like to help you about the new books!

The books are written in japanese language and the name of the techniques are in romanji (european alphabet), but there is only a few texts here. These books are 3D photo books, not text books!!

On the first tome (Goho) - 204 pages- you can see: Ryusui-geri, Uchiuke-duki, Tsubame-gaeshi, Chidori-gaeshi, Suigetsu-gaeshi, Hangetsu-gaeshi, Tsukiten-ichi, Gyakuten-ichi, Tsukiten-ni, Tsukiten-san, Keriten-san, Kintekigeri-hizauke-namigaeshi, Mawashigeri-sambouke-namigaeshi, Jujiuke-geri, Shitauke-jungeri, Gyaku-tenshin-geri, Han-tenshin-geri, Y+oko-tenshin-geri, Haraiuke-geri, Jungeri-chiichi, Gyakugeri-chiichi, Gyakugeri-chisan, Haraiuke-chini. (ISBN: 4-583-03585-3)

On the second tome (Juho 1) - 236 pages: Kotenuki, Morote-wanuki, Morote-gyakugote, Ryu-nage, Gyakute-nage, Sotomaki-tembin, Nigiri-gaeshi, Maki-nuki, Katate-okurigote, Tsuri-otoshi, Okuri-hijizeme, Furisute-omotenage, Morote-okuri-kotenage, Okuri-tsuki-taoshi, Koshi-kujiki, Okuri-dori, Juji-nuki, Juji-gote, Ryaku-juji-gote, Morote-hikinuki, Morote-juji-gote, Maki-gote, Kirikaeshi-nuki, Kiri-gote, Kirikaeshi-tembin, Kirikaeshi-gote, Morote-kirikaeshi-nage. (ISBN: 4-583-03590-X)

On the third tome (Juho 2) - 220 pages: Hijinuki-maetembin, Morote-oshinuki, Nidan-nuki, Katate-oshigote, Ryote-oshigote, Kotemaki-gaeshi, Johaku-nuki, Johaku-dori, Sode-nuki, Sode-maki, Sodemaki-tembin, Sode-dori, Hiki-otoshi, Katamuna-otoshi, Eri-juji, Hikimuna-otoshi, Ryomuna-otoshi, Maki-otoshi, Sotomaki-otoshi, Sodeguchi-dori, Sodeguchi-maki, Sodemaki-gaeshi, Konoha-okuri, Konoha-gaeshi, Kote-nage. (ISBN: 4-583-03632-9)

Each book cost 2500 Yens.
I think you could buy the books in all the japanese bookshops or order them at "amazon.co.jp". If you practice Shorinji Kempo, you could also ask to your branch-master to order them via Hombu.

I hope you will found all the information you're searching...

Anders Pettersson
28th February 2001, 12:09

Welcome to e-budo Laurent.

I was just going to answer the questions by Bret, but I think Laurent covered most of it.

Actually I just received the books on Juho, I had the Goho book before, (got them in the mail just after my first reply to Bret) they look really good.
And I also got a copy of the Magazine "Fullcontact Karate" February issue, that featured Ueda-sensei and some Shakujo techniques, as well as some other Shorinji Kempo teachers. Quite interesting.

As Laurent mentions you can also buy these books, through your Shibu-cho/Doin-cho, from Hombu, as well as the English Fukudoku-hon and English Kamoku-hyo (curriculum).

I can also mention that they've made a video together with these books. It is called "Shorinji Kempo - its techniques and teachings" (Shorinji Kempo sono gihou to oshie / ?!ю?@ ̋Z@Ƌ ).

The video is only in NTSC (in Europe we use PAL) and in Japanese but one can understand most of it even if one don't speak Japanese. The ISBN for the video is; 4-583-04044-X and it costs 3800 yen.

Where in Japan do you practice?

Take care.

28th February 2001, 22:39

Thank you for all of the information on the new 3D photo books. It will help me out a lot. I will check out the book stores in Japan before I bother my branch master with ordering them for me.


Thanks for the info on the video and the books.

I am studying Shorinji Kempo at the Fujieda Budokan in Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka-ken. Fujieda is a small city about 3 hours south-west of Tokyo. My branch master's name is Ohashi-sensei and the assistant instructor is Nishimura-sensei.

1st March 2001, 03:00
Hello Bret,

Fujieda? Mr. Nishimura visited San Francisco last year, for about a month. I had the oppurtunity to practice with him during that time. Could you forward on my greetings to him?

About the new book Juho2... What are the kanji on the front and the back covers? I'm just curious (haven't seen it yet.


1st March 2001, 03:20
Hello Yoshi,

It is a small world. Mr. Nishimura told me that he went to San Francisco last year and trained at your dojo. He told me that he had a great time there. I will certianly pass on your greetings to him. I could also ask him for his e-mail address if you would like it.

I am sorry but I cannot tell you what the kanji are on the cover of the Juho 2 book are. My Japanese is limited and I cannot read kanji. However, as Laurent said, you can get the books from Amazon.com Japan. The actual address is:


They have a picture of the book on this page. Just click on it and it will bring up a large picture of the cover.

I hope this helps.


M.C. Busman
7th March 2001, 20:59
Hopefully, this address will take you to "Goho", volume 1 of the series.