View Full Version : Onward Christian Soldiers

Joseph Svinth
2nd March 2001, 10:11
For an article about what it means to minister to combat soldiers, see http://ejmas.com/jnc/jncart_Takesian_0301.htm . The author is the former Chaplain of the Marine Corps.

Neil Hawkins
3rd March 2001, 00:49
Another interesting perspective on religion and the military is Frank Collins' autobiography, "Baptism of Fire" (ISBN 0-552-14582-3).

He was a 'hard' man from northern England who joined the SAS and fought all over the world before discovering religion. He left the service and became a minister, and eventually returned as a Chaplain.

When I was in the Army, our Chaplain was a Catholic priest, a great guy who got on well with the boys. He went to Canada for a year to study Canon Law and upon his return, we held a big welcome back party and a special presentation, we made him the Artillery Officer! :D