View Full Version : Jujutsu/aikijujutsu in North Houston/Montgomery Co?

Lane Haygood
14th April 2011, 03:03
I haven't been able to find any recent links or forum posts discussing who is where in the great State of Texas these days... is there anyone teaching koryu jujutsu or aikijujutsu in the Woodlands/Conroe/Tomball area?

31st December 2013, 20:13
I know this thread is old but there is a new jujutsu school in the woodlands. it the hakkoryu nintai dojo. http://nintaidojo.com
its adults only, check it out

3rd January 2014, 23:17
Hello. I do teach Hakkoryu Jujutsu at my dojo located in The Woodlands, Texas.
Please visit my website: nintaidojo.com or call me at (832) 698-1936 for more information.

22nd January 2014, 20:01
Mr Adornato,

I visited your web site today. I read, "We focus on adult students who look forward to pursuing an understanding and appreciation of the martial arts." Would I be correct to infer that you do NOT have classes for children? I am looking for a traditional Japanese Ju Jutsu dojo for myself and my children.

Kind Regards,

Roger Samsel

23rd January 2014, 00:56
Hello Roger,
Generally, classes at my dojo are for adults only, however mature young adults may be welcome.
Feel free to call me at (832) 698-1936 to discuss the possibility of you and your children training together in Hakkoryu jujutsu.
Best wishes,
Joe Adornato