View Full Version : Opening up Judo to include all Japanese based sports/Martial arts

4th March 2001, 07:32
It was suggested that the Judo Forum be opened up to include all Japanese and Japanese-based sports and other gendai arts, e.g., Brazilian Jiujitsu, Gendai Jujutsu, and other grappling or submission grappling.

I will suggest it if there is enough support for it. I may ask anyway, but giving your opinion may help.

12th March 2001, 13:18
Now, Guys and Gals!

We are more than 2.100 people in E-Budo. And you know how many voted in this poll ???
Now, come on! Let's participate!

13th March 2001, 09:44
Thank you, Ubaldo. As of now, there are twenty total votes and now the "open thread" leads by one vote. I thought those of you who lurk may want to participate if this forum is a little more liberal as to topics.

As of now, I welcome anyone who wants to post anything remotely close to judo and that includes sports, etc., even NHB topics if it includes the subject of grappling/judo/bjj. This shouldn't be too difficult since most Japanese martial arts, combative sports, or koryu grapplng are encouraged.

Perhaps I will leave this thread at the top for a few more days, and then see about either a change in description of the forum, or adding another strictly for grappling arts with a JMA base to them.

15th March 2001, 08:17
Thanks to all who voted in this poll. Since it came down to a fifty-fifty split, probably nothing will happen right now, but I do think a "General Grappling" subforum somewhere may happen.

Again, thank you.