View Full Version : Benjamin H. Hazard, 91, d. May 16, 2011

R A Sosnowski
19th May 2011, 02:51
Benjamin H. Hazard, 91, entered into eternal rest on May 16, 2011

Son of [Worcester] Massachusetts, he became a world traveler, serving in the United States Army during World War II and the Korean conflict as a language officer in the Pacific Theater. He continued to serve as a reserve officer and retired with the rank of Colonel.

After receiving a PhD in History from the University of California at Berkeley, he was a History Professor for many years at San Jose State University . A student of Japanese martial arts, he achieved 7-dan Hanshi in Kendo, and was instrumental in fostering the growth of Kendo, Kyudo and Naginata in California.

Preceded in death by his beloved wife Sumie Chikamori Hazard, he is survived by his daughters Daian Hennington, Alyne Hazard, Malyne Hazard, Francesca Custodia, three grandchildren and a host of loving students, friends and extended family.

An Overview of Kendo, 1945-2000 (http://www.auskf.info/archives/articles/hazard.htm)