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19th June 2011, 09:52

I have been away dealing with some seriously nasty family problems coupled side by side with RPFS. Well I am getting down to the last of the Japanese stuff I need for book IV so here's a naginata I am working on

Nagasa is 25 3/4" Nakago is 19 1/2" Blade width at hamachi is 1 1/4", Blade width at the kissaki is a whopping 1 7/8" Two Bo-Hi. Sorry about the lousy pics but I ain't no sort of photographer. OAL: 45". Blade is Kobuse construction with a 1060 outer jacket with awrought iron (old anchor chain) core. Forged out really NICE and the hardening went bettr than I expected...

I still have a good deal of polish work to do on this to bring out the hamon a bit more... There is a good deal of hitsura on one side of the blade (and not the other...hummmmm) that is probably due to the 1060 being so shallow hardening. Methinks that the clay may of pulled away from that one side but stayed in place of the other a bit more.. Anyway this one I am planning on keeping. I have already fitted a habaki (I HATE making those) and am planning on mounting this on a 5 1/2 to 6 foot long laminated oak haft with some sort of fittings yet to be decided upon....it should be a really NASTY pole weapon when it is done...

This one is a monster and I am planning on NOT selling this one like I did my other one so this will be a keeper. Will look great next to my Japanese armour display///

Once again sorry for the poor photos..


20th June 2011, 20:27
That's looking very nice Jim!
Please keep us informed on how it goes. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you get it completed.

21st June 2011, 09:42

IO am strating to laminiate the shafting tomorrow after I forge out the butt end of the shafting. This hafting will be somewhat "non traditional" as it will have sections that are coveres in samegawa and tsukaito..to facilitate grip position and a solid. no slip grip... I have been playing around in my dojo with wood nagis and have noted where the most effective hand positions are on the hafting. I will be making the hafting a tear drop cross section so i can tell by feel where the edge orientation is during use...I am also planning on a 4" to 6" long "butt spike" to allow attacks from the "weak end" if needed...

The methods I teach and the techinques involved are much more along the lines of "street fighting" instead of the more formalized and traditional Iai or Batto.. Think of it this way...it's 2AM..you are walking along the ginza and you are confronted by a couple of thungs wanting to take everything you own...and maybe your life as well.... Now I am in no way belittling Iai or Batto..but do you think that these low lifes will play by "the rules"??? NOT hardly..There are moves, counters and strikes and I show that can end the confrontation in two.. maybe three seconds...It's brutal and very "non traditional" on the most part, HOWEVER the actual cuts involved are most certainly "rooted" in the traditional methods of execution of said cuts...

A Naginata is a very devasting weapon...especially one of this size....I find this pareticular weapon rather fascinating in its use and effectiveness.

I am also researching and develouping a fencing method using the Kogarsu Maru sword, that back edge can be employed in a most effective wat once you start to thing "out of the box" as they say..Most certainly you will ne working a whloe lot more "up close and personal" when compared to either Iai or Batto abu that double edge on the first 1/3 to 1/2 od the blade length does make for some unexpected moves. Yeah you are much closer due to the fact that parries need to be made on the Mune and not Mune Ha (A term I coined a few years back..) but the advantaged are numerous IF you know what to do... Hell's Bells..it's ALL fun anyways and lot of what I am doing research wise is pretty much conjecture..but in practice using modified bo-ken we are learning alot from that..But I am not quote ready to go "public" with this information as yet,,

Anyway..back to the Nagi..I WILL be posting pics as things get done..as I said I will be laminating the hafting using red oak strips, which I have used several times in the past and that give just enough flex but not so much as it detracts from the cut...

So look for more pics in the next week or two...