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6th July 2011, 06:58
All -
I do apologize if I am violating forum rules by posting on my first visit.I have a question I think worthy of the forum and I am hoping the many learned individuals here can help;

Ippo susumite tsuki, ippo susmite tatsu - which I would render "Taking one step forward I thrust, taking one step forward I cut (the enemy down)"

Don't know why but I seem to think this is an expression from Itto Ryu - I have searched other forums and all my back issues of KW but could not locate an example of anything that is a good match. Also tried a search in Japanese with no luck.

Hoping it is obvious to someone here and you all can clue me in to where this might come from, what ryuha it is associated with, what era it might be from and if you can expand on the meaning at all.

Any help appreciated,
-t (for tom or toryu...)

29th June 2013, 22:46

As I have seen no one has so far answered to your quite straightforward question. So far I will try my best to elucide the underlying topic of: Ippon susumite tsuki, ippon susumite tatsu, which you have translated quite correctly.

First of all axioms like this are usually very hard to trace down to just one origin or one particular ryuha; since they represent, so called cultural and spiritual heritage of bujutsu. But this particular axiom has its origins at the end of 16th and first decades of 17th century, though we have to take into consideration that it is based on much older predcessor. There are actually two theories considering this particular axiom. First theory sees in it a so called synthesis of japanese and christian believes and places its origin into old Hizen province, which included modern day Saga and Nagasaki prefectures, somewhere between 1590 and 1640. The most important argument of the first theory is the fact that we can find a very similar senteces in japanese translation of Catholic Bible. But personally I am not inclined to support this particular theory.

The second theory, which also seems to me more probable, places its origin in old Satsuma province, a modern day Kagoshima prefecture, somewhere between 1620 and 1670. This theory is supported by the fact that this particular axiom shows a strong ryukyuan, okinawan, influences; i.e. an old Okinawa Te teachings. In most of modern karate ryuha we can still find an axiom: "Ippon kumite tsuki, ippon kumite tatsu.", which we can link to an older version of this axiom: "Ippon susumite tsuki, ippon susumite tatsu." And since its a well known fact that Satsuma clan invaded and conquered an old Ryukyuan kingdom in 1600 as well as that they included many teachings of Okinawa Te into their bujutsu ryuha.

And since Itto-ryu does not include any influences of christian believes in its teachings whatsoever or has its origin in old Hizen province as well as it has no connections whatsoever with Okinawa te, I seriously doubt that this particular axiom has any connection at all with Itto-ryu. On the contrary I firmly believe that its origin lies in old Okinawa Te. Therefore I would advice you to look for further informations about this particular axiom in traditions of old Okinawa Te.

Grega Vodopivc