View Full Version : Mirek Novak sensei - HYR Canada

12th July 2011, 15:53
Can anyone tell me how to contact Mirek Novak Sensei HombuCho of the Hontai Yoshin Ryu jujutsu for Canada?
I can't find any infos on the net....

Thank You!

R. McMath
31st July 2011, 03:55

What would you like to know? Novak Sensei has been absent from the dojo for some time due to occupation, and I have been taking care of the instruction as of late.

Rob McMath

12th August 2011, 08:49
Thank you for the answer...
i want only to have some infos on Mitsuyasu sensei, as i know Novak sensei is in touch with him..
if you can and want, please write me at fuegan2 @ tin.it

thank you!