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sven beulke
28th August 2007, 13:50
Hi All!
I received today the new cultura martialis, the best martial art magazine in German language(actually the only worth buying!). There was a preview for the next magazine on the last page. There will be an article about Sho sho ryu, a ryu that claims to be in 68. generation and was founded around early Nara-period. The ryu is now located in Morioka, northern Japan. I was unable to find anything on the internet. Anyone ever heard of them or has detailed information?



George Kohler
28th August 2007, 17:43

sven beulke
29th August 2007, 12:37
Hi George!
Many Thanks. I missed to chek my copy of Serge Mols jujutsu book! Thanks for the link!


Robert G
28th October 2011, 00:26

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase any books on Shosho ryu in Japanese? I can't seem to locate any books online.

thank you,


M. McPherson
15th November 2011, 15:43
Mr. Gruzanski,

A quick search didn't bring up much dealing with Shoshō Ryū specifically, but I know there's an excellent entry on the tradition in Yokose's book, Nihon no Kobudō, which provides a great survey of a variety of koryū.

You can find the book here:


Check around though (i.e., Kinokuniya, BudoVideos, or check with Russ Ebert, as he runs a great online shop - and is a really, really nice guy to boot), as this might not be the best price available (I was lucky enough to get mine in Japan a few years ago, so avoided the hassle of shipping & handling - maybe see if anyone you know is traveling over soon?)

Hope this helps!