View Full Version : Looking for a new Bokken

11th March 2001, 18:25
I'm looking to purchase a second bokken (first one lives at the dojo). I've heard good things about Bugei's hickory bokken and Bujin's laminant version. I'd be grateful if anyone who's had the opportunity to cpmpare the two - or others - could share a review.

12th March 2001, 03:41
Hi Anthony,
I have not had a chance to see the Bugei version, but I have heard good things about it. I was not extremely impressed with the BuJin version. One of the guys in our class got one and it was very tough, but I did not care for either the feel or balance of it (personal opinion alert). My favorite is one that Kim Taylor made for me several years ago. It is hickory, the balance is great, and it has taken alot of punishment in two person forms without needing to even be sanded. You should check them out as he will make it to your specifications. http://sdksupplies.netfirms.com/


12th March 2001, 06:30
I myself have a daisho from Mr. Taylor and Paul.S is right, these are the best (so far!) that i've handled (to be honest unless something drastic happens i will keep on getting my bokuto's from Kim, they are that nice/good!) and Kim is a great guy to deal with!


12th March 2001, 16:34
Thanks for the good nod, I definately check out Kim Taylor's bokken. Also looking at Kingfisher Woodworks, although they seem a bit precious.

17th March 2001, 15:52
I'll give my endorsement for the Bugei. It's really tough and if you are into a longer tsukka you can't beat it!