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17th December 2011, 11:01
I am posting to announce the passing of Kagita Chubei Soke of the Hozoin Ryu Takada Ha. He passed away fom a heart attack at the young age of 54 on Friday, December 16th, 2011.
The Kagita family and we members of the Hozoin Ryu would appreciate your prayers. We will feel his loss in the dojo.

sincerely Reg Sakamoto

Josh Reyer
17th December 2011, 11:26

17th December 2011, 15:12
I am sorry for your loss and the loss within the Budo community. Condolences to the kagita family, his students, and friends. Its in our heart and mind that we keep those that have gone before us alive.

狼より/ Jeff

18th December 2011, 01:10
Many thanks.

sincerely Reg Sakamoto

21st December 2011, 13:23
What the ...?? I met him this september! 54 years old, it's so young. I'm worried about the future of the school now :/

I'm very sad to hear that news

30th December 2011, 18:15
Heart attacks can bring down the mightiest of men, both in mind and body.
My own grandfather (not a MA-expert, but still) died from a heart attack at the age of 50.

My sincerest condolenses.