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Ellis Amdur
24th December 2011, 05:12
Like my post on Old School, its been quite awhile since this forum was active. And like Old School, I'm almost finished with this print run of Dueling with Osensei. I will not be doing another major print run. I'm considering an on-demand printing option. But in case anyone is interested in what should be considered a "first edition," nows the time. I believe there is an option in the shopping cart to write a comment - if you would like the book signed, I will do that.

Dueling with Osensei has had an interesting career. It's been translated into Greek, Hungarian and now Dutch. It's only sold 2500 copies, but I read and see it cited all kinds of places, even graduate theses in philosophy. If I do decide to do a 2nd edition, I think I'll have to do some reworking which will take it out of circulation for some time. But it's stood up pretty well. Back ten years ago, I was considered one of very few people who stood up - in print - and talked about abusive behavior within martial arts, as well as starting the "obvious" - that martial arts are a practice of violence and hence, can be really violent activities. There have been several incidents recently concerning prominent martial arts instructors doing ugly things, and in the cases I'm aware of, there was a community response of condemnation rather than a few voices. What was once unusual (the resistance to abusive actions) is becoming the norm.

And finally, I'm proudest to say that I think my book might have been the first to talk about great men in our field as human rather than saints.

At any rate, click the link in my signature, if you are interested in this or my other work. And also, feel free to light up this thread if you have any questions or observations on the content in the book.

29th December 2011, 12:08
How about electronic publishing? epub or similar formats should make the work not only easier, but essentially "on demand".

Ellis Amdur
29th December 2011, 16:53
Elmar - I'm considering it. But as of yet, I'm old school. A book simply seems more real to me. However, when I do get together my next edition, particularly as it'll be on-demand publishing, it's a simple option to set up the electronic publishing as well - thru Amazon, for example.

Ellis Amdur
13th August 2013, 02:17
A return to a previous discussion I've ten copies of my first edition of Dueling with Osensei left. They are signed and hanko'd--and you can get them through my website (see signature) or through Amazon or Barnes and Nobel. (It all comes to me). I'm publishing a 2nd edition, which will be out in early 2014, through Freelance Academy Press. There will be some new chapters and, hopefully, some new controversy - as I've found some evidence to nail down a couple of coffin lids, at least to my satisfaction. (I will continue to maintain a division between DWO and Hidden in Plain Sight, confining most of the discussion on kokyu-rokyu/aiki/ki, etc., to the latter volume). I'm also publishing a rewrite of Old School, through the same publisher - - with five new chapters, on a variety of subjects, such as commoner swordsmanship in the Edo period; an alternative history of a very prominent ryu, said info garnered from an almost lost, absolutely legit faction; the inclusion of adaptations of my early essays from Skoss' Koryu Bujutsu series; and of course, my usual screeds and jeremiads. The publisher will be considering electronic printing as well. At any rate, if you want one of the last copies of the 1st edition before they, like my out of print Old School, go up to over $100 from the used book people, nows the time to grab a copy. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about when the new versions come out.
Ellis Amdur