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15th January 2012, 04:43
The blades look very nice but I guess you should not be putting up commercials on the forum.

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29th August 2012, 07:41
The blades look very nice but I guess you should not be putting up commercials on the forum.

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Hello JHP.

I know this is a wee bit off topic but thanks very much for your book on "the pattern welded blade"

I purchased this book in 1994 and recieved it just before I moved to Bangkok.

I found it a godsend for the technical information it contained and as the internet was almost nonexistant in New Zealand at the time,it was one of a very few accurate sources of information available at the time.

I have produced a few blades of mid to high laminate count and one katana replica(very expensive to produce).

Thanks very much

Regards John Williams

1st September 2012, 04:39
Very sorry JPH-dyslexic fingers

1st September 2012, 09:35
not to wory..I am very happy that my writings were able to help....

Why the moderator censored my popst when I said NOTHING abouty and sort of "commercial commerce" is beyond me.. This reply to you will be my LAST post to these forums..

All I ever wanted t do was to help those who were interested in reconstructing Japanese blades. NOT ONCE did I say that any of the blades I posted were foir sale as they were research pieces...

So when all is said and one..this will, more likely than not be my last post to these forums.

All I wanted to was to share what my research has shown as far as blade construction..True.I do sell my work, but as I said NOT ONCE did I "go commercial" or even remotely try to "advertise" my work.I have been doing thios for 40 + years and all I wanted toi do was to share what I have have learned in that time so those that follow me would be able to take what I have published ..build upon that and then if so inclined..share what THEY have learned and perfected..

I can take a hint..my posts are no longer wanted here..and I thought the ABS was bad..Oh well..Live and learn, I guess...

No if YOU have any further questions please contact me through my website.(you will need to do a web search on my last name as if i gave you my web site I would be dinged for "advertising" and that is a NO NO on this site even though I am NOT doing that)..

Glad my writings were able to help you..


(just wondering how posting reaserch pieces are "advertising"??)