View Full Version : samurai films - question from a desparate student

The Piranah
20th March 2001, 09:09
I am a film student and my end of year film will be about Aikido. After explaining to my tutor what aikido is (!!!!), she told me to write an essay with pictures, on not only aikido videos but also about samurai films. Well i am trawling the Internet every spare second i get and i cant find one picture from a samurai film to print off to stick in my essay! Does anyone know of a site of stills from ANY samurai film? Thanks tons for your help! all i have for my essay is the photocpied cover of the video Yojimbo!

Joseph Svinth
21st March 2001, 08:54
Try keywords featuring directors and stars. Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune come immediately to mind, but there are lots.

The alternative is of course to scan images from any of the many books on the topic.

matthew kelly
21st March 2001, 09:11
another name you might want to try is takakura ken. i'm not sure... i've not seen a great deal of samurai flicks, but i've heard his name several times in reference to film stars when i talk with iaidoka about the phenomenon of screen tales inspiring people to get involved with martial arts.

hope this helps.