View Full Version : Portable Go Machine????

Don Roley
20th March 2001, 10:50
For this years anniversery of my 25th birthday, I got a "Wonder Swan" game machine. The thing is about the size of a paperback book and with it came a go program. Unfortunatley, it can only go up to 13x13 and not the full 19x19 board that is standard.
The wonder swan will serve as a challenge for a while, but I was wondring if anyone knew of a good way I could play 19x19 go on something not much larger than it. There are programs I could buy for a laptop computer, but I want something I can use on the train, or in the staff room as i take a break.
Any ideas?

20th March 2001, 18:51

Wish I could help ... but I can't. Would be interested in hearing about such a thing. I've heard of game recorders that work on Palm Pilots. A game recorder is certainly different though. Helps in studying and such, not playing though (unless you play someone else and use the game recorder as a board - scoring done by yourself).



Ed Lomax
3rd April 2001, 02:50
the HP 200 LX is a pc based handheld that you can get second hand at reasonable prices. It is a full pc, so quite nice that you can load a lot of the older non-windows based go programs onto it (windows apparently can also run on it but just slows it down for no real benefit - long live dos).

P.S. I don't have one but would happily accept a gift :)