View Full Version : Salem Oregon Karate for kids

23rd June 2012, 18:54
Hi gang, I'm looking for a traditional Japanese karate dojo in Salem Oregon for my 7 year old son and his buddies. Nothing but Tiquando here, some of their web sites even list karate but when questioned its the other one.

Steven Wood
24th June 2012, 13:21
Sounds like it may be ATA (American Taekwondo Association). It is the absolute worst of the McDojo. Run as fast as you can.

It is fairly difficult to find good traditional karate for young children, so good luck in your search. You may also want to broaden your search to include judo, as it teaches alot of good principles that kids can use later in whatever martial art they choose to follow.

8th July 2012, 08:31
Thanks for the tip. Salem is limited. Just an hour up I-5 and I'm into Portland and area where there are lots of varied dojos. I did luck out and find a good Karate dojo in Salem. Steels Karate run by John Olivera. I will take my son and his buddy there next month.