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4th July 2012, 00:07
It is with a heavy heart that we share the tragic news that today our Sensei BRIAN EUSTACE, the founder of Taiho Jutsu within the UK has sadly died.

At the grand age of 81, Sensei Eustace passed away at Coventry Hospital following recent ill health.

Our thoughts are with Brian's family at this time and will update you all concerning funeral arrangements when they are known.

Sensei Brian Eustace was a retired police sergeant who is held in high regard both in the UK and Japan. He had attained 8th Dan in Tomiki Aikido, 9th Dan in Taiho Jutsu and 2nd Dan in Judo.

It was thanks to Brian's dedication and creativity that UK police forces embraced Taiho Jutsu originally. Despite police forces moving away from practising martial arts Brian led a committed and determined movement to continue teaching the art right up until he lost his battle with his declining health.

Should you wish to leave any message please go to www.taihojutsu.org.uk

Rest In Peace Brian and know that you leave a lasting legacy amongst your friends and students.

Alex Hathaway

6th July 2012, 12:58
So sorry to hear that Brian Eustace has passed away. Brian played a major part in the development of Tomiki Aikido in the UK through his work as national coach and director of coaching within the BAA. As police national coach Brian played a major part in my journey into Tomiki Aikido & Taiho-jutsu. My original Aikido Instructor Roland Tann was a Police PTI and was taught by Brian. Although my journey changed I am grateful too Brian for getting me started.

Shaun Hoddy 6th Dan Tomiki Aikido
1st Dan Taiho-Jutsu