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4th July 2012, 08:50
Hi, I'm completely new here and hope that this post is in the right place. It's my 1st time. I'll try not break any rules but please don't ban me if I do lol. Still gettin the hang of it.

Anyway, I know that there are no official AJJF school's of Danzan Ryu in Louisiana, at least not that I can find. But my father trained Danzan Ryu years ago in the 90's when there was an AJJF school in Baton Rouge.

He insist that while there may not still be an official Dojo that there are still a few lingering students from his school hanging around Louisiana and teaching the style in different schools. He is far to hurt these days to teach me himself.

He mentioned 2 guys around the St. Bernard area and one Guy that used to visit/guest teach his dojo from the Lake Charles/Lafayette area, somewhere out in West La.

I'm currently at another dojo for Aikido and Plan on Joining for Judo but still have strong interest in Japanese style Jujitstu and Do like Danzan Ryu also my father will not really accept me learning any style other than Danzan Ryu, so there is a certain desire to appease him.

If anyone can offer any information on who still may be lingering around from the old AJJF school or still teaching at another it would be much apreciated.


5th July 2012, 11:57
Danzan Ryu has or had a good bit of Judo in the mix back when Ozeki started it so Judo will give you a really good foundation. The newaza in Judo comes from Fusen ryu Jujutsu. Its a common misconception that Judo is different then Jujutsu when in fact it isn't really. The main difference between it and traditional Jujutsu is the focus on competition and free practice(Randori) where traditional Jujutsu is focused on paired kata/waza training.

Judo has spawned or is a part of many Jujutsu systems:Gracie Jiujitsu, Danzan ryu, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Krav magra (in the begining contain a lot of Judo) Miyama Ryu, Kajukenbo and the Goshin Jutsu kata where actually influienced greatly by Aikido techniques. So while I can't help with your Danzan Ryu search, I can say that by studying Judo you are fulfilling your desire to study Japanese Jujutsu.

All the best in your search :D

5th July 2012, 16:42
"but still have strong interest in Japanese style Jujitstu and Do like Danzan Ryu"

Danzan-ryu is not really a Japanese style. It was founded in Hawaii by a 1st generation Japanese immigrant. What I've seen of it modern Danzan-ryu doesn't look much like any Japanese jujutsu ryu I've had the chance to see. Not to say it isn't worth studying. Good luck finding someone to train with. Meanwhile enjoy the aikido and judo.

Best regards,

12th September 2012, 02:52
Sorry, the sensei in Lake Charles retired about a year ago.

12th September 2012, 02:55
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