View Full Version : Nitta Seifuku passes

6th July 2012, 14:57
From one of our schools websites:
Another senior Okinawan MA teacher passed yesterday, Nitta Seifuku. He was born in August of 1942 and began study under his grandfather (?) Nitta Kotaru as a youth, continued with Shudokan Shorin-ryu and kobudo under Isa Kaisyu, Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito under Fusei Kise, & later Shorin-ryu Seidokan under Seiki Toma. Although less well-known compared to Kuda no tanmei, Kise-sensei, the recently deceased Oyata Seiyu, Odo Seikichi, and others, he did have a small, strong following here in the U.S. and his passing sees yet one more link to "old school" karate unavailable to us. My condolences go out to his students and friends.