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22nd March 2001, 09:19

I've just found this forum while surfing on the web, and it seemed to be so interesting that I've decided to subscribe immediately.

I think I should introduce myself :
My name's Julien and I'm a member of the french Shorinji Kempo Federation, living in Paris.

I hope I can find some good information or have have a good time with other kenshi from all around the world.
Maybe I can give back some information myself.

Nice to meet you all.


Anders Pettersson
22nd March 2001, 09:38

Hi Julien and very welcome to e-budo.

Good to see that also some french kenshi have found their way here.

Please also note that it is required to sign your post with your full name on e-budo.

Hope to see you in Paris.

22nd March 2001, 09:53
Thanks for your welcome Anders.

It's true that french kenshi are not really active on the web, I'll try to tell them about e-budo.

I've made changes in my profile so that my full name appears in my signature. Please tell me if there are any more changes to do.

Hope to see a maximum of you in late April in Paris.

Steve Williams
22nd March 2001, 21:51
Hi Julien and welcome.

What branch in Paris do you train at?

I have a French kenshi at my branch who trained in Paris for a short time, he is coming to the Taikai also, maybe we can get together for a drink?

22nd March 2001, 22:21
Hi Steve.

The branch I train in is the CSC Branch.
It's located in Clichy which is a city touching Paris.

Maybe you've heard of my teacher who is Jose Jimenez.

Maybe I've already met your student in a french study session.
About the drink, I'm always ready for this kind of thing :-)