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George Kohler
20th February 2005, 07:47
Just found this website on Jigen-ryu. www.jigen-ryu.com

Earl Hartman
23rd February 2005, 03:46
I'll bet somebody could make a lot of money marketing soothing throat lozenges to the Jigen Ryu.

Voice Raspy After A Hard Day's Practice? Does Screaming Like a Banshee For Hours On End Leave Your Throat Dry and Inflamed?

Then Our New Eucalyptus-Menthol-Shouchu Throat Lozenges Are Just What You Need!

Try Them Today and Never Worry About That Embarrassing "Kiai Voice" Again!

Joshua Lerner
23rd February 2005, 04:50
Throat lozenges, or back braces. Now I understand what Diane Skoss meant in the intro to the "Field Guide to Classical Japanese Martial Arts", when she describes how she used to take notes at embu: "Jigen-ryu is the one with the crazy granny technique".

11th August 2012, 05:36
After some years away... im back to this great place!

Just saw some videos from the Jigen-ryū... WHATTA A POWERFUL TRADITION!!!!

For the first time in a very long period of time i was speechless... never saw anything so visceral and fierce like that before!

Would be nice to hear someone who saw and/or trained this awesome ryu!

Thank You for your patience!