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3rd September 2012, 22:23
already posted but can't seem to find the old thread.

Just wanted to know anything about these swords.

if they are fake/authentic, model, value, etc.


3rd September 2012, 23:00
and #2


10th September 2012, 18:49
by looking only from the direction of the polishing, I would say industrial made. But i can be wrong, i'm not an expert.

11th September 2012, 18:01
One place for that thing. Trash heap. VERY obvious fake..not worth a dime.

Kind regards.


7th April 2013, 18:44
no mekugi (peg)visible on either... do NOT use, guaranteed accident waiting to happen...

8th April 2013, 17:48
Hello David,
These are both Chinese made Japanese style swords. It's impossible to give you a valuation on them as there are a number of forges producing these type of swords in China. The swords produced run the gamut from total junk that can only be placed on a wall for decoration, to fairly decent quality swords that can be used for actual practice. They can be had from $25 to $1500 or so.

Yours do not seem to me to be the worst I've seen, but it is pretty much impossible to tell without having a knowledgeable person take them apart and inspect them carefully. Knowing the manufacturer would also help alot in determining how trustworthy these swords would be.

Damn, just realized that Tim resurrected this thread from last September. Chances are the original poster no longer cares. :)


Gabriel L
24th April 2013, 13:41
This is the first post I've made in e-budo in many years. I referred someone else to the site and wanted to make sure it still existed... heh.

Anyway, speaking as a collector / student of nihonto for 15+ years, those are completely fake. The tsuka is actually slightly better than the typical fake (still bad though), but the tsuba and fittings are bad, the habaki totally wrong, the blades have incorrect geometry and the wrong steel and fake etched hamon, etc. etc. They're Chinese in origin and basically worthless, I personally would pay someone to take them from me.

And that's not to say that good quality decorative Japanese swords with fake blades cannot be nice to have in a room. Nice ones, like iai/mogito actually made in Japan can be worth several hundred dollars simply because their koshirae (mounts) have high-end craftsmanship and their (alloy) blades are correctly shaped and they look authentic even to experienced collectors from a distance.

But the ones you have here are sloppy and ugly compared to those. These are 100% tourist trap / sucker items.

I'm sorry to put it in such harsh terms. There is no reason why someone who hasn't studied the subject should know this, it takes a certain base level of experience to learn the difference. I am just trying to emphasize that in no uncertain terms these are worthless from an enthusiast's perspective. What their market value is depends on who you can find to buy them (when they aren't being lied to about its origin or quality); maybe $15?