View Full Version : Systems that teach the gun?

5th September 2012, 08:00
How many systems or martial arts out there actually teach firearms?

6th September 2012, 06:14
Three schools of gunnery still exist in Japan. One of them is a line of Morishige ryu under Shimazu Kenji sensei. I'll try and find out the other two.

Matt White

6th September 2012, 06:36
The three traditions in Japan are Seki ryu, Morishige ryu and Yo ryu.

Philip Hinshelwood.

6th September 2012, 19:31
Since the question was posted under "Personal Protection and Self Defense," the original poster might be interested in some of the more modern schools. I would consider many of the police and military training systems to fall under the heading of martial arts-- after all, that's what "martial arts" originally meant. Thus the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, the army combatives systems, etc., would all qualify.

I suspect that a search of "combative shooting" on google would turn up several other systems that teach modern firearms combatives.

7th September 2012, 10:02
Yeah, I'm thinking he means modern as well. Still, some clarification might be in order: what type of firearms training specifically?

17th February 2013, 17:47
Some FMA systems have a gun curriculum, Sayoc kali springs to mind