View Full Version : Koryu in Los Angeles, CA?

31st August 2010, 16:08
Does anyone know where there's a dojo that teaches ono ha itto-ryu in Los Angeles or close to there? Someone who was taught by Sasamori Takemi or close to that. A website and complete address would be greatly appreciated.


Nathan Scott
10th July 2013, 19:33
Hi all,

I'm aware of several (orthodox) koryu that are being taught/studied in the LA area at this time:

Ono-ha itto-ryu hyoho
Daito-ryu aikijujutsu
Tendo-ryu naginatajutsu
Kashima shinryu budo
Shindo muso-ryu jojutsu

I was wondering if there is anyone I'm missing or forgetting? Part of the reason I'm asking is I may have a training hall opportunity open, but the group would need to be legitimate and not-for-profit. Contact me via PM if a location in the San Gabriel Valley is of any interest. In big cities like LA, I know first hand that it is very hard to find an appropriate training venue for koryu study.

Either way, feel free to post additional arts represented in LA to this thread.


11th July 2013, 17:34
Hi Nathan,
Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu has a branch dojo with licenced instructors in Lakewood.


Nathan Scott
11th July 2013, 17:54
Hi Doug,

Thanks - long time no see. I didn't realize there was a branch outside of Orange County.


11th July 2013, 19:20
Indeed, ohisashiburi.

This is basically the same group as it's evolved over time - Rich Elias, John Lovato and others. Toby is there teaching publicly about once a year. He'll be there on the 27th.