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Nathan Scott
11th July 2013, 18:13
The following was submitted by Jeffrey Karinja in a different thread:

Seia Ryu ( 雖井蛙流平法 ) is (at least for me) a very interesting Ryu-ha. The Ryuso Fukao Kakuma studied a countless amount of Ryu-gi earning a Menkyo Kaiden or equivilent in most of them. He made an unussual choice when formulating Seia Ryu. That choice was to borrow kata from other Ryu. Keep in mind they are not exact copies, he modified the techniques but kept the ideas of the parent Ryu.

The style is structured as:


1) Shaku-jyo (Kyosui Ryu)
2) Inazuma (Togun Ryu)
3) Kyoko-Ryu (Shinto Ryu)
4) Kineta (Aiden Bokuden Ryu Ichi no Tachi)
5) Katanami (Shinkage Hikida Ryu)

1) Tetei (Matsumoto Ryu)
2) Enpuku/Enfu (Shinkage Ryu)
3) Inretsu (Moni Ryu)
4) Saifu (Nen Amida Ryu)
5) Seka (Toda Ryu)
6) Ratsutaku (Shinkage Ryu)
7) Sodan/Satan (Toda Ryu)
8) Usen (Taisha Ryu)
9) Sakan/Saketsu (Taisha Ryu)
10) Itto Ryodan (Yagyu Ryu)


1) Kotakakaeshi (Iwa Ryu)
2) Tamasudare (Yagyu Ryu)
3) Shuran (Toda Ryu)

Gokui no Ken:

1) Shinmyo-ken
2) Fushigiken
3) Riryoken
4) Seizan/Hoshikiri

I have seen them demonstrait several times and eachtime I was greatly impressed, exspecially with their kodachi stuff. Prior to that video I have only seen them do up to Inazuma of Goran-Tachiwaki and Seka of Kodachi Juzan. So I am quite happy. Also on a side note: the current Soke of Seia Ryu is also a Menkyo Kaiden in Shinkage Hikida Ryu Sojutsu/Naginata (Something else I would really like to see). Seia Ryu uses both bokken and furuko-shinai. They also have produced several skilled kendo-ka (their previous headmaster was a 8th dan, hanshi in kendo).

There is a good article on Seia Ryu Heiho on Aikido Journal:


It only skims the surface of Seia Ryu but it is a good article.


11th July 2013, 18:33
Love that school! Next time IŽll go up to Tottori I wanna pay them a visit.

Thanks for the nice info!

To Mr. Karinja: Where did you see them? Tottori?

And a video:


Nathan Scott
11th July 2013, 18:40
I agree. I never heard of them until now.

The thread I harvested this info from before merging it with another one (house cleaning this forum right now) stated he usually sees them in Tottori, and that it is rare to see them demonstrate outside of Tottori.

For the sake of others reading, Tottori prefecture is on the West side of the South part of Honshu (the main island) next to Okayama prefecture.