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bomb tech
13th September 2000, 15:36
Good morning all,

I am preparing to move to San Antonio, Texas the beginning of next year and I was wondering if anyone had any information concerning an Aikijujutsu dojo in the area.

Failing that, any information on Aikido dojos or other koryu bujutsu schools in the area would be greatly appreciated.

Domo arigato gozaimashita,


Nathan Scott
2nd October 2000, 20:28

The best person to talk to regarding these arts in Texas would be Mr. Threadgill or Mr. Elias - both of whom are on this forum.

Mr. Threadgill's web pages is in a link provided at the top of this AJJ forum if you'd like to take a look.


bomb tech
2nd October 2000, 21:56
Thanks Mr. Scott,

I have already contacted Mr. Threadgill and Mr. Keen and they have both been very helpful. I will take your advice and contact Mr. Elias too.

Thank you,


25th March 2001, 07:17
A good friend of mine is looking for a legitimate Aikijujutsu school in the Houston, TX area.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Jerry Johnson
1st April 2001, 23:18

2nd April 2001, 01:35
Thank you for the link.

I will have my buddy check it out.

Devon Smith
2nd April 2001, 02:00
Jerry Johnson

Ken, there has been a lot of discussion around (not just here at e-budo) as to whether or not Fred Lovret and the folks affiliated with his organization constitute a "legitimacy".

Please help your friend ask the right questions (hopefully receiving the right answers) regarding what he/she considers "legitimate". Please feel free to ask around here to get more insight as well. While the reading may be appealing to a novice, all too often the publications from that site have no sources or bibliography attached to validate their claims.

Let the Buyer Beware!


2nd April 2001, 02:04
Not to worry.

I am extremely skeptical of most Aikijujutsu schools at this point.

Thank you for watching the six.

Jerry Johnson
6th April 2001, 03:08
Sorry, I just came across the link as is in another thread and thought it might count for something. Just was trying to be helpful. Plus I wasn't sure either if that page should be under scruntity that is why, Ken, I emailed you privately. If it was a questionable person then that info would have been transmitted to me privately. That is how I perfer to handle stuff like this. Ken, my email is still vaild. I would like to hear any results if possible. Feel free to PM.

Thanks. Again sorry for the confusion.

Terry Ham
23rd April 2001, 20:53
Hi a friend of mine is interested in Daito ryu Aikijujutsu, and would like to know if there are any training groups here in the houston area?

20th May 2002, 21:12
I'm sorry. I hate these kinds of posts, but I'm desperate. I've scoured the 'net and the search functions here and I've not been able to find what I'm looking for.

I live in the NW Dallas suburb of Flower Mound and I'm looking for a martial arts school really close. My job and my family keep me very busy and I simply do not have time to drive all over Dallas to practice martial arts.

I am looking for a school that teaches any form of jujutsu/aikijujutsu/aikijitsu/vee jutsu, etc. Anything other than Brazilian for now. I just can't find one. Actually, it doesn't even have to be a school. It could be an instructor teaching out of their garage. I don't care. I just want a qualified instructor and a nice group of folks to work out with.

Can anyone help me here?

Thank you so much.

21st May 2002, 16:00

My dojo in Dallas is located just west of Downtown so that would be a long hike for you. I'm moving to Colorado in the fall anyway so I'm not really an option for you. The Martial Arts Club at SMU is a great choice on many levels but again the distance is probably too great for you. I'm over there twice a week. If the distance is not too far that is my recommendation. It's a great group.

Another consideration would be the Jyushinkai Aiki group training with the guys of the old Tamura Judo Dojo over by Bachman Lake. They are good folks and their organization strong under the guidance of Chuck Clark. They are closer to you.


Warren Wright
21st May 2002, 16:12
Hi Toby,

Can you tell more about the SMU martial arts club?

I see from their web site that they study "Yokage Aiki Jujutsu". Can you point me towards more information on this style and its lineage?


I live fairly close to SMU (10 minutes), and with my wife pregnant, studying there might be a better option than Farmer's Branch.

-Warren Wright

21st May 2002, 17:00

The SMU Martial Arts Club operates as a Yanagi ryu Tozama Dojo. The curriculum differs from pure Yanagi ryu as the club focuses only on AJJ (hence the name change), but is overseen by Don Angier Sensei. Don Angier Sensei teaches seminars three times a year for the club at SMU and the SMU instructors frequently visit the Yanagi ryu hombu dojo in Long Beach. California

Chief instructor, Bryan Robbins and I founded the SMU/ AJJ club in 1988. Don Angier formally authorized the club as a Yanagi ryu affiliate dojo in 1992. At this time he awarded Bryan Robbins a license recognizing him as the chief instructor of the dojo.

For more info on Yanagi ryu / Don Angier go to www.aikidojournal.com. Don Angier was one of 10 instructors teaching seminars featured at the 1st Aiki Expo this past May in Las Vegas.


21st May 2002, 18:46
Thank you Toby. I think I found the school that meets down by bachman lake. Isn't that on NW highway? If its what I'm thinking about, its too far south for me. =(

I find it odd that there are no JJ schools in the Coppell/Flower Mound/Denton County area as it has some of the fastest growing towns in the metroplex. Guess it just takes time. And we're also inundated with TKD schools.

15th March 2003, 20:28
Hi all.

I wondered if anyone knows of any aikijujutsu dojos located within the metropolitan area of San Antonio, Texas.

Any help would be much appreciated.


M. Tom

13th August 2003, 04:49
To anyone who can help me,
My name is Isaac Figueroa, I live in the Rio Grande Valley, Mcallen, Texas area. I meet a martial arts instructor teaching tessen aiki-jutsu, whose name was luis, his last name I forget but have wanted to learn where he might be at and if he is still teaching. So if anyone knows him please feel free to email at Isaacfigueroa@aol.com or if anyone knows anyone teaching any koryu jujutsu in my area. I would love to know about it. Thanks, Isaac.

Nathan Scott
13th August 2003, 22:08

A last name for "luis" would be most helpful. I've merged your thread with the existing one, so have a look through here, and maybe someone else will have more information for you.


kevin adams
28th June 2005, 20:54
Can anyone help me to find a Dojo in San antonio, tx? I'm currently stationed at Lackland AFB. I had found a great school in merrit island Fl. but had to PCS, My Sensei also had to move.Long story short, I need to train!. Any help at all would be appreciated

1st January 2006, 07:05
so does anybody know of a good school in san antonio texas?

David F

Charlie Mc.
2nd January 2006, 10:09
Sent you a PM.

17th June 2008, 20:01
Is there any updated info for AJJ dojo/study groups in Austin?

domo arigato,

Bill Hiles

Eric Pearson
15th July 2008, 22:35

I have a Tomiki/Daito Ryu school in South Central. I received my license in Daito Ryu, and we study it - but I tend to use the Tomiki kata system more than the Shofukan Daito Ryu kata system. It is more logical IMHO.

We are not "mainline" Daito Ryu. (my sensei - Ota Ikuo scoffed at that idea), but if you are looking for a different flavor of Aiki in Austin...just write.

Also in Austin someone is running a Daito Ryu study group. One of my students studied with them for a year before he moved over to me. He reports that they are good - but the techniques were very painful. I do not know where they gather as the school they once met at closed down.

Also I believe in Austin a group affiliated with Toby Threadgill's group is here somewhere. Dig around on the web and you will find what you sek.

I also believe I heard of a group in San Marcos that use the term AikiJujitsu. I have no information about them - but there are many aikido dojo finders that can aid in your search.

Hope this helps.

Walk In Peace,



Eric Pearson
18th June 2009, 18:33
I bumped into this thread , and I was shocked at how incomplete my knowledge of the areas aiki community last year. So I started this list.

Still in the works, but here is the new guide


22nd August 2013, 23:44
Does anyone know of any aikiJujutsu groups in San Antonio ?

Nathan Scott
23rd August 2013, 04:47
Hi Mr. Valadez,

Thanks for posting. I've merged your training request with an existing thread on AJJ dojo in Texas in order to consolidate similar information into one thread and increase responses and search results. Good luck.


Devon Smith
24th August 2013, 03:39
Does anyone know of any aikiJujutsu groups in San Antonio ?

Mr. Valdez,

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I can recommend a Mainline Hakkoryu dojo in Austin, Texas, USA, the Hakkoryu Ken-nin dojo:



It's a bit of a drive from San Antonio, but I think you would enjoy a visit if they're accepting students.


24th August 2013, 12:48
Mr. Valdez,

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I can recommend a Mainline Hakkoryu dojo in Austin, Texas, USA, the Hakkoryu Ken-nin dojo:



It's a bit of a drive from San Antonio, but I think you would enjoy a visit if they're accepting students.

Thank You , I will check them out but Austin is a bit far to drive 2 or three times a week

Devon Smith
2nd November 2013, 01:42
Mr. Valadez,

I'm happy to suggest a Hakkoryu dojo a bit closer, if you're still interested: http://hakkoryu.com/2013/09/hakkoryu-jujutsu-houston-texas/

This group is operating under the supervision of the Shihan in Austin, TX.