View Full Version : We will soon upgrade the forum software to version 4.2.1

Anders Pettersson
1st August 2013, 11:31
We have been testing for some time and we are now soon ready to do a long overdue upgrade of the forum software (after this the forum will also be open to new registrations).

If nothing unforeseen happens the upgrade will be done within 24 hours, during this time the site will be closed (there will be a short message informing you about this if you try to visit during this time).

In the meantime you can follow how the upgrade progress on the E-budo Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-budocom/157517784433874) (we will report as things move along there during the time the site itself is closed).


Anders Pettersson
2nd August 2013, 02:37
OK, the upgrade is finished and the site is open again.

There are still a lot of tweaks that we will fix in the upcoming days.
We will also post information about many of the new functions and features that the upgraded software have brought us.


15th August 2013, 21:37
Thank you for getting the site back up and running!