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11th August 2013, 20:27
Someone has mentioned it, I wonder too if merging Firearms with the CQC and Personal Protection Forums?

There is a difference between the latter, so I can see having two, or maybe one catch-all "Personal Protection and CQC" forum, but Firearms seems to be a "lesser included."

2 cents. I'm thinking that to stay relevant on E-Budo these forums would have to be more tactical/technical instruction based and relevance of martial disciplines versus tool-specific?

Cady Goldfield
11th August 2013, 22:09
Hi Kit,
This topic of even having a Firearms forum at all was broached back when we were discussing renovations to E-Budo, but as there were more pressing issues to deal with, then, we decided to just let Firearms be for the time being. We could definitely raise the subject again, now that the site is being fine-tuned. Firearms doesn't get a lot of activity, so it makes sense to just raise firearms-related threads as part of regular CQC and/or PPS discussions.