View Full Version : Go Jyu Kai testing in Japan and a little news

14th August 2013, 21:36
Hi everyone!

I'm not sure who may have made it to the Go Jyu Kai testing last month. Some of you may have just come in for the seminar held each year. Well I hope all enjoyed themselves. This year the seminar was held in Wakayama Japan. As well, the zenkoku taikai was held there too. I actually tested for my roku Dan (6th). There were 17 others testing as well. Our group was split into two. Ten and eight. I was in the first group. Only 2 passed the testing. I was one of the two. I'm pretty happy about it especially doing it on my first time. I talked to some others and some were on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th try. It was not an easy test at all. But that is the nature of the.

14th August 2013, 23:32
Just a small up-date. For the test there were 7 judges all starting at 8 Dan and up. From my understanding, starting at 6dan you must take your test at the place where the all japan tournament ( zenkoku taikai ) is being held. At least that is how it is done here in Japan........has anyone gone through something different?